Below are most of our most frequently asked questions. Click the link on the left to get the answer. If there is something that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us here.

Q. How much does the course cost? back to top

A. The cost is only $35.00. There are no additional costs or surcharges for taking the course.

Q. How many points will be removed from my record for taking a Crash Prevention Course? back to top

A. The North Dakota Department of Transportation will remove three points from your driver record upon successful completion of an approved Crash Prevention Course.

Q. Will I get an insurance discount for taking a North Dakota Crash Prevention Course? back to top

A. Upon successful completion of a North Dakota Crash Prevention Course, you may be eligible for up to a 5% reduction in your auto insurance premiums for a two-year period. To claim your discount, simply present your Certificate of Completion to your insurance company. We strongly encourage you to check with your insurance carrier before you register for the course to verify that they offer this benefit.

Q. I need to dismiss a ticket & reduce my fines for a ticket in North Dakota. Will this Crash Prevention Course help me to do that? back to top

A. By taking this North Dakota Crash Prevention Course, you may be eligible to remove a traffic ticket or reduce court-imposed fines. If this option is available to you, simply present your Certificate of Completion to the court as proof that you took the course.

Q. Are there any age restrictions on who can take a Crash Prevention Course? back to top

A. No. Drivers of any age may take the course.

Q. Is your Crash Prevention Course difficult to complete? back to top

A. We promise you'll love the ease and simplicity of the North Dakota Crash Prevention Course. Our easy-to-read Internet course is entertaining, informative, and loaded with colorful graphics, videos, and cartoons. And we fill the course with hilarious traffic jokes to make the experience more enjoyable. We want you to laugh while you learn!

Q. How long does it take to complete a North Dakota Crash Prevention Course? back to top

A. A North Dakota Crash Prevention Course is required to last at least 4 hours. You are free to take as long as you need to complete the online course, however. The computer tracks your completed chapters as you proceed through the course. If you log out and then sign back in, you'll be taken to our "Student Center" page. There you'll be able to continue with the course where you left off, and you'll have access to completed chapters for review.

Q. I'm already a student. How do I get back into the Internet course? back to top

A. You may re-enter the Internet course via the link on the homepage as many times as necessary to complete the program. If you are having problems accessing the course, you may contact us for technical support by calling 800-252-6551 or email

Q. Will I be tested on the material? back to top

A. Students are required to pass a 50-question multiple choice exam with 80% correct answers. But don't worry—it's not rocket science, and quizzes at the end of each chapter will help you to review! If you should happen to fail the final exam, however, you can retake it as many times as necessary for you to pass without any additional charge. So, sit back and relax. We'll have you back on the road in no time!

Q. Do you mail a Certificate of Completion to me? back to top

A. We send Certificates of Completion directly from our office to you. Normally this process can take anywhere from 5 - 10 business days, but we do offer expedited mailing options. Our staff can e-mail you a secure copy of your Certificate for a small fee. You may also order a duplicate copy of your Certificate. If you ever have a question about your Certificate, we’re here to help!

Q. Does the course cost anything? back to top

A. Unfortunately, there is a small cost for traffic school courses. Tuition covers all of the elements of a course, including immediate access to our website and the regular processing of your traffic school Certificate of Completion. There are no additional costs or surcharges. North Dakota traffic schools are privately operated businesses; whether you sit in a class or choose an online program, you will need to pay a similar fee. The difference is, our courses are low-cost, convenient, and fun! And we have the friendliest service and support in the industry!

Q. How do I pay for the North Dakota Crash Prevention Course? back to top

A. You can pay for the course by check or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). After you fill out the registration form, you are linked to a secure page where payment is quick and effortless. The site is encrypted, making your online purchase completely safe.

Q. Is my personal information safe with you? back to top

A. Our Internet site and student information are stored and transmitted safely and securely, and none of your payment or personal information will ever be released to any third party (except the State of North Dakota, as requested). We do not give, sell, or provide your email address to anyone (unless state/court requested). As an approved traffic school provider and a company with a 30-year-old reputation for quality and integrity, it is our job to ensure your information is safe and protected. That's our promise to you and we guarantee it. And that's why over 2 million satisfied customers have taken our courses.

Q. How do I register for the course? back to top

A. It's fast and simple! To register online, just complete all the appropriate fields on our registration page and you can get started right away. You may also register by calling 800-503-3381 from 7am to midnight weekdays or 8am to 10pm Saturdays and Sundays. We are glad to help!

Q. Is this course approved by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDoT)? back to top

A. Yes, we are proud to announce that our course has been approved by the State of North Dakota and the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDoT).

Q. Do you have a refund policy? back to top

A. It's important to us that you have a great educational experience and are satisfied with your purchase. Please contact our customer service team for technical assistance or with any other questions or concerns that you may have about the course or your paperwork.

In most cases, students who have not attempted a final exam, or who have not been issued a certification of completion or had their completion reported to regulatory authorities, may be eligible for a refund. Please contact customer service by phone or email for further details or to make a refund request.